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  • [COATS] [JACKETS] [HOODIES]Time to get ready for winter with a new unique Gothic coat,
    trench coat or an awesome new hoodie from Rivithead.
  • Leather BeltsCheck out our selection of 100% real leather
    high quality belts. We have a huge selection
    of hardware belts with lots of spikes,
    grommets and rivets. We also have a
    large selection of Gothic belts with lots
    of chains and rings.
  • Creeper Shoes and  BootsOur new line of Creeper shoes and boots just arrived. Be the first of your friends to get a pair of these awesome creepers from Rivithead.
  • Gothic MakeupShop our large selection of Gothic makeup. We have a large range of lipstick including our very own 'Bat Black' lipstick.
  • Hair Dye and Bleach.Get 15% off this Halloween season on all colored
    semi-permanent and temporary Hair dye and hair
    bleach. Dye your Hair with crazy colors from Rivithead.
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mens shirts

We have a large selection of Gothic clothing for men. With our range of dress shirts, vests, tops and T's you are sure to find something you will like.

Creepers are a staple in the alternative sub cultures. View our extensive line of men and women's Creeper shoes and boots and get your pair today.
Marduk black trench coat
From the laboratory of Dr von Rosenstein comes Rivithead's Steampunk inspired clothing, footwear and jewelry. Browse our collection of some of the best Steampunk gear around.
Corsets and bodices
Upgrade your wardrobe, shop our Steampunk, Victorian and Gothic corsets and bodices.
cyber googles and respirators
Need a pair of goggles? Choose from our huge selection of Cyber Industrial and Steampunk goggles. Get your pair today!
Gothic Necklaces
Are you looking for a gift for someone special? Or, maybe something special for yourself? A beautiful Gothic Alchemy necklace is sure to be winner.
Jackets and trench coats
Get warm this winter with a coat from Rivithead. Shop our selection of trench coats, victorian and gothic jackets.
Combat Boots
Gothic platform boots, ranging from big stompy Demonia boots to gothic boots and combat boots.
Gothic Industrial Gloves
If you are looking for a great pair of Gothic or Punk arm warmers you have come to the right place. Check out our fantastic line of arm warmers and gloves. SHOP NOW >>
Goth band T-Shirts
Our lineup of Gothic Industrial and Punk T-Shirts. We have hard to find goth band T shirts, punk T shirts and just plain fun T-Shirts.
Morrigan Faux Fur Real Wool Coat
Morrigan Faux Fur Real Wool Coat
Price: $140.36
GLINDA-50G Red Glittered Heels
GLINDA-50G Red Glittered Heels
Price: $31.76
Spring Heeled Jill Jewellery Organiser
Spring Heeled Jill Jewellery Organiser
Price: $40.50
Rose Des Folies Flag Scarf
Rose Des Folies Flag Scarf
Price: $21.03
CREEPER-212 Lace Creeper Shoes
CREEPER-212 Lace Creeper Shoes
Price: $70.95
Necrogram Ring
Necrogram Ring
Price: $40.50
SPRITE-03 Pink Platform Shoes
SPRITE-03 Pink Platform Shoes
Price: $58.95
SPRITE-04 Vegan Maryjane Shoes
SPRITE-04 Vegan Maryjane Shoes
Price: $68.95
Sylundine Clock
Sylundine Clock
Price: $35.06

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