Blacksoul Bijou Black Heart and Bat Wings Pendant
Blacksoul Bijou Black Heart and Bat Wings Pendant
Blacksoul Bijou Pendant
Size: One Size Fits Most
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    Blacksoul Bijou Black Heart and Bat Wings Pendant

    This enchanting piece from Alchemy of England captures the essence of the night through its sophisticated design, inviting those who wear it to explore the allure of gothic seduction.

    The Heart of Darkness

    At the core of the Blacksoul Bijou Pendant lies a captivating black heart, meticulously enameled to achieve a depth of color that mirrors the soul of a gothic seductress. A manifesto of love that thrives in the shadows, symbolizing unyielding passion and the magnetic pull of the unknown.

    Wings of the Night

    Unfolding from the sides of the heart are delicate bat wings, expertly crafted to embody the freedom and mystery of the night. These wings serve as a tribute to the bat, a creature often associated with gothic lore and the mystical side of nature.
    The Blacksoul Bijou Pendant beckons those bold enough to embrace their dark side, offering a piece of the eternal night to carry with them. Whether as a statement of personal style or a token of deep, unconventional love, this pendant is a testament to the enduring allure of gothic elegance and the mysteries that lie within the heart and the night.
    • Approximate Dimensions: Width 0.87" x Height 0.51" x Depth 0.12"
    • Chain Length: Split chain, approx. measuring 18" total
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