Curse of Coronis - Raven Choker Necklace
Curse of Coronis - Raven Choker Necklace
Curse of Coronis Choker
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    Curse of Coronis - Raven Choker Necklace

    This exquisite choker, with its lustrous pewter black raven, is a talisman of the night, a piece imbued with the mysticism of ancient alchemy and the untamed spirit of the raven.

    Black raven in flight

    Central to this choker's allure is the black raven, wings outstretched in a display of majesty and freedom. The raven, a creature of storied legend and lore, is captured mid-flight, its feathers detailed with artisanal precision, reflecting the light to reveal the contours of power and grace. This bird, symbolic of foresight and intelligence, wraps gently around the neck, serving as a guardian and guide to the wearer.
    The "Curse of Coronis" is more than a necklace—it is an expression of identity, a bold declaration of one's affinity with the night's creatures. It is a fitting centerpiece for any ensemble, a conversation starter, a bearer of the wearer's inner strength and poise.
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