Tipple Moon Stemless Glass
Tipple Moon Stemless Glass
Tipple Moon Stemless Glass
Color: Black
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    Tipple Moon Stemless Glass

    Embrace the magic, Sip in Style – the Tipple Moon Stemless Wine Glass from Rivithead is your ticket to a celestial toast that transcends the ordinary.

    A glass to enjoy your favorite tipple

    This glossy black stemless glass features a captivating white triple moon background and the witty "Tipple Moon" text — a play on tipple (alcohol) and the mystical triple moon.
    Measuring approximately Width 3.66" x Height 4.72", this stemless wine glass is designed for comfort without compromising style. The glossy black design, coupled with the celestial triple moon, creates an otherworldly charm, making each sip a magical affair.
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