Deadly Nightcap Stemless Glass
Deadly Nightcap Stemless Glass
Deadly Nightcap Stemless Glass
Color: Black
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    Deadly Nightcap Stemless Glass

    The Deadly Nightcap Stemless Wine Glass effortlessly transcends the ordinary with every sip. This glossy black stemless glass features captivating white text, "Deadly Nightcap," accompanied by a haunting skull graphic—an absolute masterpiece for those who appreciate the darker side.

    Versatile glass

    The sleek design, a creation of dark delight, accompanies your daily indulgences, from your fresh morning juice to your favorite evening wine.
    The absence of a stem provides stability and a contemporary touch, fitting snugly in your palm for a delightful drinking experience. With approximate dimensions of Width 3.66" x Height 4.72", this glass is crafted to become an essential chapter in your wine glass collection.
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