Red Spiked Choker with Black O-Ring
Red Spiked Choker with Black O-Ring
Red Spiked Choker with Black O-Ring
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Red Spiked Choker with Black O-Ring

This amazing choker is made here at Rivithead in the USA with real Ca latigo leather. The choker comes with large red anodized spikes, Nickle plated D-ring and a large 1" Black O-ring.

Choker with red anodized spikes

This Rivithead Leather Choker features large red anodized spikes that add a fierce and eye-catching element to your look. The contrast between the rich black leather and vibrant red spikes creates a striking visual impact that demands attention.

Black heavy duty harness ring and solid D-ring

At the center of the choker is a commanding 1" Black O-ring on silver D-ring, creating a contrasting focal point that exudes confidence and allure.

Made from real leather

Crafted from genuine leather, not bonded leather, this choker is built to stand the test of time, ensuring enduring quality and longevity.

Handcrafted in-house by our skilled artisan

With a keen focus on craftsmanship, we ensure that each choker not only boasts a captivating design but is also remarkably comfortable. We take pride in creating a choker that not only makes a bold statement but also provides a luxurious and comfortable experience for the wearer.
  • Real Leather
  • Red anodized tree spikes
  • Large 1" black O-ring
  • Made in the USA
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