Mithras Pendant Necklace
Mithras Pendant Necklace
Mithras Pendant
Size: One Size Fits Most
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    Mithras Pendant Necklace

    A beautiful pendant, the Mithras pendant necklace depicts two bull horns in the shape of a crescent moon.
    The bull's horns and the cult mystery of the Roman underworld prominent among the military classes and practiced in subterranean temples, centered around the god overpowering and slaying a bull, known as the tauroctony. The moon goddess, Luna, was the sole female permitted at a Mithraic ceremony, where the crescent moon was her symbol.
    • Approximate Dimensions: H: 48mm (1.89") W: 39mm (1.54") D: 9mm (0.35")
    • Materials: Fine English Pewter
    • Chain Length: 21"
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