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  • Demon Black and Angel White RingNew ProductQuick View

    These are two rings sold together as a pair that can be separated and shared by by…

  • Amour Eternal Ankh RingNew ProductQuick View

    The Amour Eternal Ankh ring an Egyptian symbol of eternity combined with the romantic heart of love. Made from…

  • Agla Pewter RingQuick View

    Five magical talismans of profit and protection. The central Kabbalistic sigillum Agla stands for Thou art…

  • The Sophia Serpent RingQuick View

    Gnostic symbol of a serpent eating its own tail signifying rebirth. Made of fine English pewter with Swarovski…

  • Sub Rosa Poison RingQuick View

    This poison ring has an easy swivel opening closure that can be done with one finger while wearing it. On…

  • Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle RingQuick View

    This is a fantastic Steampunk ring displaying beautiful solid brass work laid in…

  • Elizabethan RingQuick View

    Lord Dudleys lost sign of devotion. Pewter ring with purple stone. Made of fine English pewter with Swarovski…

  • Runeband RingQuick View

    A beautifully crafted Nordic runes ring that recite the mantra Poetry is in Battle. Polished pewter with…

  • Cross of Iron RingQuick View

    Iron nail-heads reinforce the Germanic cross intensifying its martial significance. Pewter ring. Measures…

  • Corruption RingQuick View

    Evils serpent writhes through the skulls of human ambition by Gothic Alchemy.

  • Roseus Pentagram RingQuick View

    A classic black enameled pentagram ring highly polished and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. By…

  • Hi-Voltage Toric Generator RingQuick View

    Unusual early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy…

  • Caput Mortum RingQuick View

    Three deaths for the auspicious. Each caput mortem or deaths head representing one mortal life. By Gothic…

  • Hells Doorman RingQuick View

    Ram-horned guardian of the gates of the abyss mens ring. Made of fine English pewter. Measures approximately…

  • Asphyxia Pewter RingQuick View

    Authentic pewter rendition of a WW1 German gas mask from the trenches with glass lenses. Imported from the UK.

  • Rose of Passion RingQuick View

    A stunning ring the Rose of passion is a black rose with Swarovski dewdrop crystals and a red Swarvoski…

  • Shadow of Death RingQuick View

    A circle of ivy grown skulls surrounds a stunning deep burgundy faceted Swarovski crystal. This striking ring…

  • Angel's Eye RingQuick View

    Blue sapphire crystal eye with pentagram iris. Made of fine English pewter and Swarovski crystal. Measures…

  • Vamp RingQuick View

    Subtle indication of a vampires affinity with CRYSTALLIZED fang. Made of fine English pewter and red Swarovski…

  • Broken Heart RingQuick View

    Double-sided ring of love pain and sorrow. On one side of this beautiful ring is a pewter skull surrounded by…

  • Thors Runehammer RingQuick View

    With runes for blood and thunder along the side the Thors Runehammer is a serious ring. Made from solid pewter…

  • Pentagration RingQuick View

    Magically intoned icon of power. Measures approximately 0.94 inches wide 1.02 inches high and 0.91 inches…

  • Memoria Mortalis RingQuick View

    A single skull face wrapped by bones with a split shank symbolizing the memory of death. This ring is made of…

  • The Great Wish-RingQuick View

    The Latin inscription MEUS OPUS MAGNUS is the Alchemical spiritual wish for The complete fulfillment of life.…


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