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  • Agla Pewter RingQuick View

    Five magical talismans of profit and protection. The central Kabbalistic sigillum Agla stands for Thou art…

  • Runeband RingQuick View

    A beautifully crafted Nordic runes ring that recite the mantra Poetry is in Battle. Polished pewter with…

  • Broken Heart RingQuick View

    Double-sided ring of love pain and sorrow. On one side of this beautiful ring is a pewter skull surrounded by…

  • Black Consort RingQuick View

    Black sculpted raven with spread wings mounted on a polished pewter ring shank. Made of fine English pewter…

  • Dr. Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle RingQuick View

    This is a fantastic Steampunk ring displaying beautiful solid brass work laid in…

  • Roseus Pentagram RingQuick View

    A classic black enameled pentagram ring highly polished and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. By…

  • Dragons Celtica RingQuick View

    The head of a dragon lurks beneath this pool of Celtic spring. Made of fine English pewter with blue enamel. By…

  • Thors Runehammer RingQuick View

    With runes for blood and thunder along the side the Thors Runehammer is a serious ring. Made from solid pewter…

  • The Great Wish-RingQuick View

    The Latin inscription MEUS OPUS MAGNUS is the Alchemical spiritual wish for The complete fulfillment of life.…

  • Dee's Book of Angel Magic RingQuick View

    Alchemy book with hidden compartment made of fine English pewter with brass inlay…

  • The Sophia Serpent RingQuick View

    Gnostic symbol of a serpent eating its own tail signifying rebirth. Made of fine English pewter with Swarovski…

  • Absinthe Fairy Spirit Crystal RingQuick View

    Absinthe fairy ring with green gem made of fine English pewter with Swarovski…

  • Chaos Signet RingQuick View

    The polished black enameled device of the infamous maelstomic arrows. The Chaos Signet ring has a black enamel…

  • Corruption RingQuick View

    Evils serpent writhes through the skulls of human ambition by Gothic Alchemy.

  • Vis Viva RingQuick View

    The living power overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer with Swarovski…

  • Deus Et Natura RingQuick View

    The triumphant harmony of nature and the creator. The solid bronze Latin band says God and Nature do not work…

  • Flocking Raven RingQuick View

    Black raven escaping with its wings spread out. Made of fine English pewter with blackening. Measures…

  • Cross of Iron RingQuick View

    Iron nail-heads reinforce the Germanic cross intensifying its martial significance. Pewter ring. Measures…

  • Starchaser RingQuick View

    Floating dragon carrying a green gem in his mouth made of fine English pewter and Swarovski crystal. Middle…

  • The Dogaressas Last Love RingQuick View

    A token of forlorn devotion from the Lady of the palace in Renaissance Venice.…

  • Betrothal RingQuick View

    A miniature 18th-century rococo masterpiece of romantic tokenism with the blood red enameled heart of…

  • Memoria Mortalis RingQuick View

    A single skull face wrapped by bones with a split shank symbolizing the memory of death. This ring is made of…

  • Desolation RingQuick View

    Polished pewter ring with blackened winged skull engraved on both sides. Signifies arising from the ashes of…

  • Bed Of Blood Roses RingQuick View

    A bed of tangled emotions and romance sparkling roses flourish within the heart s blood of this…


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