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Alchemy goth earrings

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  • Bacchanal Rose EarringsQuick View

    Signifying the passion for wine and sensual pleasures this set of earrings has two black roses intertwined in…

  • Skeleton Dangle EarringsQuick View

    It all comes down to this. The last remains of master and slave alike. Made of fine English pewter with steel…

  • Bat Earring StudsQuick View

    Small bat earring studs made of English pewter. Imported from the UK. Steel posts. Alchemy Pewter silver 0.05…

  • Tomb Skull Horn EarringQuick View

    Faux ear stretcher stud earring with tomb skull and wrapped horn. Made of fine English pewter steel post.…

  • The Dragons Lure - Left Ear Earring CuffsQuick View

    Dragon draped over the ear with his wings wrapped around and head whispering a…

  • Machine Head EarringsQuick View

    Steampunk dangle earrings with two gears hanging from a chain and a third at the stud. They move with you…

  • The Alchemist Horn EarringQuick View

    Alchemist skull with rose in mouth. Made to look like a 7mm stretcher. The metal horn faux stretcher is…

  • Dragons Lure Black Earring CuffsQuick View

    This dragon piercing through the ear lobe tempts the wearer into acts of shameful…

  • The Dragons Lure Earring CuffsQuick View

    Dragon draped over the ear with his wings wrapped around and head whispering a…

  • Rose of Passion Earring CuffsQuick View

    Black thorny rose earring cuff stud with red Swarovski crystal drop of blood that…

  • Osberg Dragon Ear Wrap CuffQuick View

    Designed after a 9th century Viking ship with the wood carving look of a dragon tied into Celtic knots. Made of…

  • Razor Earring StudsQuick View

    Small razor stud earring with steel posts made of English pewter and imported from the UK. These studs are not…

  • Death Earring StudsQuick View

    Miniature skull earring studs 1 4 inches in diameter. Made of steel posts with English pewter. Alchemy Pewter…

  • Mortal Remains Earring CuffsQuick View

    Silver tone skull head cuff earring swallowing a chain that connects to a skeleton hand holding onto the top of…

  • Love's Blossom Earring StudsQuick View

    Sparkling red heart Swarovski crystals that resemble Eves apple in Eden. Made of fine English pewter with steel…

  • Black Rose Earing StudsQuick View

    Black rose earring studs with steel posts. Made of fine English pewter. Alchemy Pewter silver 0.05 bismuth…

  • Crystal Dragon Earring CuffQuick View

    With dramatically outstretched wings the writhing dragon flaunts its Swarovski crystal dropper. Made of English…

  • Necacrosome Earring CuffsQuick View

    Vertebrae cuff earring stud with skull head on top that wraps around the ear. Made of English pewter and…

  • Black Raven EarringsQuick View

    Two dark birds flying towards or away from each other as they hang from you ears as to make sure your admirers…

  • Cut Throat Ear Wrap EarringQuick View

    Intricate razor blade earring cuff with the top of the razor wrapped around the ear and the blade down piercing…

  • Night Sky Ear WrapQuick View

    A flock of bats wrapped around the ear with a single black tear drop hanging from the lobe. They are made of…

  • Pentagram Earring CuffsQuick View

    Pentagram earring cuff stud made of fine English pewter with steel posts and connecting chain. Imported from…

  • Serpents Eye EarringsQuick View

    These serpents have healing powers with red abalone eyes and red stone droppers. They are made of fine English…

  • Shredder's Axe - Faux Piercing EarringQuick View

    Metal electric guitar stud earring with the bottom at the lobe and the neck at the…


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