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  • Ring and Spike Leather GauntletQuick View
    This awesome gauntlet is made from 100 real leather. Not that phony stuff you find…
  • Large Spike Rivet GauntletQuick View
    Leather gauntlet with 1 inch spikes riveted straps and 3 adjustable buckle closures. Made in the USA. Measures…
  • Plain Leather GauntletQuick View
    Plain leather gauntlet with three buckles. Perfect canvas for all you DIYers. Manufactured in the USA.
  • Long Short Alt Spike GauntletQuick View
    Black leather gauntlet with alternating 1 inch spikes and 1 2 inch spikes. Three…
  • 1in Large Spike GauntletQuick View
    Leather gauntlet with 20 large 1 inch spikes. Three buckle adjustable straps. Made in the USA. Measures…
  • Lace-up Cone GauntletQuick View
    This gauntlet has 9 rows of cone spikes and laces up the arm. The gauntlet measures approximately 8 inches high…
  • Spiked Alt GauntletQuick View
    Leather gauntlet with 32, 1/4" short alternating spikes. Three buckle straps. Hand crafted in the USA.
  • Spiked Laces GauntletQuick View
    Lace up leather gauntlet with spikes and rivets. Leather lace rope. This gauntlet measures approximately 9…

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