Hand, wall and desk mirrors.

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  • Black Rose Dressing Table MirrorQuick View
    A beautiful addition to your boudoir and dressing table. This delicately decorated…
  • Bat Hand MirrorQuick View
    A wickedly beautiful hand mirror the creatures of the night take flight to feast on blood before returning to…
  • Devils Heart Hand MirrorQuick View
    Beautifully crafted hand mirror, the devils heart is a heart shaped mirror with devil horns.
  • Masque of the Black Rose MirrorQuick View
    A classic scroll mirror with single skull at the top. All that remains of a…
  • My Soul from the Shadow MirrorQuick View
    A beautiful antiqued mirror with raven skull and wings framing the mirror. A spirit…
  • Nosferatu MirrorQuick View
    We are not sure why a vampire would want a mirror. Maybe to scare an unexpecting victim. But regardless of…
  • Baroque Rose Hand MirrorQuick View
    A beautifully carved and cast in resin antiqued silver color hand mirror. The Baroque Rose features a large…
  • Devils Heart MirrorQuick View
    Saint or Sinner ? Love, dark passions, and lustful desires are akin to the rapturous reflection that sees all.
  • Kraken Hand MirrorQuick View
    From the mythical tales of a giant leviathan terrifying unwary souls dragging them to the depths of the abyss.
  • Nevermore Compact MirrorQuick View
    Poes mocking Raven hand mirror reflects the soul of the user. Reversible skull with rose on one side and…
  • Gothic Heart Compact MirrorQuick View
    An exquisitely carved window reflecting the beauty of its holder.

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