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  • Thorgud Ulvhammer WatchQuick View
    This Vicking watch features a wolf head a top of Thors hammer and head of the Thunder God on each side of the…
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  • Steam-Powered Entropy CalibratorQuick View
    Measuring the decay of time using carnots second law of thermo dynamics. 35mm in…
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  • Imperial Dragon WatchQuick View
    Dragon wrapped around watch face made of fine English pewter with glass. Quartz movement with 25mm diameter.…
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  • Bed Of Blood Roses WatchQuick View
    Tangled emotions and romance sparkling roses flourish within the hearts blood of this intoxicating watch.…
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  • Heart Of LazarusQuick View
    A stunning time piece the Heart of Lazarus wrist watch is made from fine English pewter. On either side of the…
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  • Affiance WatchQuick View
    The polished pewter scroll-work frame of this wrist watch is interwoven with a black braid synthetic strap. The…
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  • Triple Goddess WatchQuick View
    The cycles of the moon and life link the heavens and earth for eternity. The Triple Goddess Watch has two…
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  • Telford Chronocogulator Timepiece WatchQuick View
    Georgian style watch with antiqued pewter cast-iron gearwheel-encrusted neo-gothic…
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  • Triangle Black Stainless Steel WatchQuick View
    Japanese Quartz movement. Durable mineral crystal protects watch from scratches.…
  • Temp De Sentiment Fob WatchQuick View
    Heart shaped key Victorian style necklace watch with 25mm diameter quartz movement. Made of fine polished…
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  • Train Antique Pendant/WatchQuick View
    Antique bronze train steampunk watch with 1.5 inch diameter and 24 inch chain. Imported from Canada.

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