• Joe
    Awesome Belt
    This belt is really cool, and fits great, though the buckle does kind of rub up against my gut when I'm sitting, which is uncomfortable. Guess I need to lose some weight, lol.
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  • Joseph
    Stud belt
    The belt fits as expected but the leather is super thin and lower quality than expected.
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  • Cindy
    Bought to wear on stage for bass player. Very flashy. Looks great with black outfit. It is too bright and bold to wear with regular blue jeans. Fits good
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  • Jason
    3 Row Pyramid Stud Belt
    Great product. Quality leather, quality buttons and buckle. 10/10 recommend. Best stud belt I've found in years.
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  • COMMANDER essence
    Well done
    Proper calculations in which it would arrive and it came a day earlier which was even better ty.
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  • Fiendsquad
    The belt was a legit belt. The only place I could think of to get a belt like this was Zumiez, Hot Topic, or Spencer's. Zumiez was a no, but Hot Topic and Spencer's had some cheap belts. So I found this website. Belt is thick and quality is so nice. The studs feel legit and it has a good weight to it. It feels like an old school belt, mad by people who know wtf they're doing. I recommend this belt to anyone who wants something that's gonna last.
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  • Joshua
    I love the customer service, fat delivery, and having a real American made leather belt that will last many years as opposed to a few weeks like the fake shit they sell at hot topic. Also great prices for quality stuff. You have a new customer in me.
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  • Damian
    Amazing belt
    This is by far way way way better than any Hot Topic belt I have bought. The price was quite a bit higher than HT but this thing is going to last me forever. It is made of real leather and is really thick. the buckle snaps off which is great for when I want to get a buckle. The last HT belt I got that looks the same as this one lasted me about a month. Tried taking it back but... I am just fed up with them. I am glad I picked up this belt and bet I will have it for years to come. It is just that good quality. Definatly do not spend your money on a belt that will last a month, get this one. You will be glad you did.
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