• Madelynn
    It fits well it feels good I love the style of it I would buy another one thank you guys for sending the best thing that I ever had around my neck
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  • Ryan
    142C Leather Choker
    Hey, my name's Ryan Gallagher from Bloomington, IL. This choker is by far the most awesome choker I've had. The materials are extremely high quality. The leather is very thick and durable. The studs/spikes are well fixed into the leather. Ohh, and sharp :^). Not to mention the heavy duty buckle that it Uses. This choker is top notch quality! The one thing i had to change was the length of the remaining leather. there were too many buckle holes for me (me personally, this may not be the case for everyone) so i used a razor to cut off the excess holes to keep the remaining leather strap from sticking out like 6 inches :^P. I give this a 10 out of 10 for quality and sheer awesomeness! Rivithead ROCKS!!!
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