Semi-perminant hair dying

BY DAVID 04.16.13
Semi-perminant hair dying how to and tips for getting long lasting vibrant colors.
So, you are ready to dye your hair. You probably already know what color you want but how do you get the color to really shine and last? Here are a few tips from on how to get the best out of your hair dye.

First up ditch the conditioner or 2 in 1 shampoo that contains conditioner for a day or two. The goal here is to get the hair to open up. We recommend staying away from the conditioner for two days before you dye. Also for some reason if you wash your hair with that really really cheap shampoo for the few days before you dye it seems to help. This is probably due the higher PH in cheap shampoo.

Don't just dye! Using a hair bleach will help prep your hair even more. For people with darker hair this is a must, even for lighter hair it will help hold the color longer.

A few precautions before you bleach. Hair bleach is bleach, duh, and we all know what bleach can do to clothing, towels, the rug, the cat, and everything else. (Please don't bleach your cat) So, for all those things you don't want to get white spots or holes in, remove them from the area you are going to bleach in. Find an old button up shirt that you don't mind getting bleach on. Yes, button up. This way when you go to wash out your hair you don't have to pull a shirt over your head getting bleach all over the place. A few other things to get handy are; gloves, Vaseline, an old towel and, an old rag. Manic Panic bleach kit

First up read the instructions that came with the bleach. It contains useful information about how to use the bleach you have purchased. Don't wash your hair prior to bleaching. Your hair should be dry and unwashed. Using the instructions supplied with your bleach, mix the bleach. Most hair bleaches contain bleach powder and some sort of developer with an applicator bottle. To apply use the brush that came with the bleach or one of your own. Comb the bleach through the areas you are bleaching gently to make sure they are even and saturated with bleach. The reason I say gently here is walls are also subject to bleach. Careless combing can and will end in spots on the wall. If you are doing streaks of color use aluminum foil to keep the bleached areas out of the non-bleached areas. Now that you have your hair evenly saturated with bleach it is time to Un-cap the bleach bottle and throw it away. Yes you may be tempted as I was once to cap the bleach and save it for another time but, bleach gives off gasses and that bottle if capped becomes a ticking time bomb. When I first started dying my hair I ruined a favorite Skinny Puppy shirt by opening a caped bottle of bleach I was saving. Yes, bleach grenade. Now you need to cover your hair with a plastic cap and wait. Your instructions should tell you how long you will need to wait. The idea here is to get your hair a light yellow color. We recommend not leaving the bleach in for any more than an hour and a half. We don't want you to be bald. After you get your hair to desired level go take a shower. Make sure you get all the bleach out. Make sure you get all the bleach out. Make sure you get all the bleach out. Yes I said that 3 times. That was another mistake I made the first time I bleached my hair. If you don't get all the bleach out it will burn your scalp or worse leave you with a thinned out head of hair.

Manic Panic semi-perminant hair dye You should now have a nasty yellow head of hair. First up is dry off your hair. Grab that jar of Vaseline you should already have out. Cover your ears, neck, forehead, etc. This will create a barrier between your skin and the dye. Now comes the fun part. Prepare your hair color using the directions supplied with the dye. Applying the hair dye is exactly like you applied the bleach. Use gloves and a comb to gently work the color into your hair. After your hair is completely saturated it's time to wait again. Some dye kits will give you a time frame to wait but, the longer the better. After you have left the dye in for some time, two hours should be good and plenty, it's time to rinse out your hair. I personally do not use shampoo right after I dye. At this point it is safe and recommended to use conditioner. Using warm water, rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Apply the conditioner, wait a few minutes and rinse until the water runs clear again. Now dry and style your hair. There will probably be some excess dye still left in your hair so for the first few days so use an old towel that you don't mind getting dye on. It's time now to go and flaunt to the world your new hair color.
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