RIOT-12 Black Leather Boots
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RIOT-12 Black Leather Boots 4 out of 5 stars reviews

RIOT-12 Black Leather Boots
  Reviewer: HH
One thing that has not been mentioned in these reviews is that the boots run small. I wear a size 8 mens in all my other shoes (Converse and military-issue combat boots), but the size 8 in these was too small. I ended up having to return them for the next size up. With that being said, they're great looking boots, and I hope to wear them for many years to come.
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RIOT-12 Black Leather Boots
  Reviewer: Austin Inskeep
I love these boots! They're very comfortable and keep my feet warm in the winter. The zipper on the side definitely helps getting them on and off. Plus they look kick ass.

My only complaint would be the buckles. They look cool, but they're made of cheap material. I wear these boots for everyday use, not just clubbing, and after a while one of the buckles broke off. If you're getting these for everyday use then I suggest getting some stronger buckles (and obviously make sure they're the right size).
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RIOT-12 Black Leather Boots
  Reviewer: Santiago Ramos
Overall a good feeling boot for the chunkiness of the sole and the slim rise of the boot itself around the calf. They only may need minor adjustment of the upper two straps. I did mine with a Dremel tool (lacking an awl) to get a closer fit. Another hole further into the strap would've been obnoxious and screwed the whole fit. I wasn't initially keen on the zippers but they turned out to be useful after a late night at the club without my girl to take off the boots.

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