• Bryce
    Good boots came early
    Note: I've only had these boots for a couple of hours and haven't worn them too much. But the boots came 4 days earlier than expected so there's a plus. The boots are a little difficult to get into at first. If you're wearing your jeans over your boots, the zipper may be a little irritant to you at first. I will update this when I have actually worn them for more than 10 minutes. They do fit me perfectly. The leather doesn't seem as durable as id expect but I guess we will see. For reference to people wondering how big they actually are, Im about 6'' foot tall and they are above my calf.
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  • Joe
    Before we get started, I am not a goth, but a metalhead. so these boots are amazing, perfect fit. they are comfortable, and I'm very impressed. you should definitely buy if you are looking for a good combat boot.
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