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    Runs small, decent shirt, thin material
    Nice looking shirt, very thin material however. Just a little flimsier than I expected, but still a very sharp looking tight fitting shirt. If you are at all muscular, order at least one size bigger, and 2 sizes larger than normal if you are more muscular or somewhat heavier or chunkier. This shirt could still look good on you. I normally wear a size large, and am semi muscular in my back and shoulders and this shirt in large was still way too tight. I had to eat the shipping costs to return it and exchange for the extra large size, and am waiting for that to arrive. Am just hoping I don't need a 2XL, but not sure if they make that size. Overall this is a bit spendy for the quality you receive, but a unique enough shirt to perhaps make it worthwhile to justify the extra expense, for the little extra "cool factor".
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