4C Black Leather Choker
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4C Black Leather Choker 5 out of 5 stars reviews

Nice Well Made Choker
  Reviewer: Mary Ellen
The metal chains are nice and well connected to the rings, the faux leather is very comfortable. It seems like it would be heavy being worn but it isn't. If you have a thick neck this will fit well, if not just cut the excess leather off where it buckles together, has enough holes for small necks too. I have a nickel allergies so I used fabric paint on the metal bits that touch the neck. :) Overall great well made choker!

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4C Black Leather Choker
  Reviewer: Rene
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Beautiful but slightly smaller looking
  Reviewer: Caylin
It fits beautifully on me and is comfortable to wear, I enjoy how it raps around my throat snug. The chains and weight on them are nice, the O rings and chains aren't as big as I expected though; maybe seeing them on a model would help get a clearer picture before purchasing the product. I absolutely love it though and can't wait to wear it for a long time- to concerts, events, and get togethers. I've never owned a choker this beautiful before, the leather is so comfortable. Reminds me of a collar which I like but doesn't have a lock chamber, independent female role call- check. Thank you.
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Very good quality
  Reviewer: GloomCookie
Good quality, is comfortable and has many holes to adjust size.
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Get choked
  Reviewer: Primetime
As a punk rocker/musician, sometimes ya gotta have the look when slinging a 6-string....I have bought a number of chokers from Rivithead.......they all rock....pretty durable too....get em while you can....(also good if'n ya wanna get your freak on with your other half....but that is another story....) Cheers!
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