Necrogram Skull Ring
Products Name: Necrogram Skull Ring
Price: $34.83
Rating: review stars [5 of 5 Stars!]
Review Date: Thursday 24 May, 2018
This ring made by Alchemy of England is a very nice ring. seen many many other skull rings but for some reason l have seen many other skull ring sold elsewhere but they did not look as nice and well made like this one.

This one just looks very nice. It's a little bit on the heavy side since it's pewter but for me anyway I like the heft because it doesn't feel like a cheap metal ring. But perhaps what I like best about this ring is the size. It is big but it's not over the top big. Rivethead is a wonderful company-their prices are very good, their customer service is excellent, and very fast delivery plus they have a great selection. I highly recommend this ring and Rivithead.

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