Tongue tied

BY BLUE 03.25.13

For those of us who own 30 - 12eye combat boots or platform boots we all have had the tongue slide to the side. Which can be quite annoying. There is a simple easy fix to keep that tongue in place with just a pencil and knife. The whole thing takes about two minutes to do and will keep you boot tongue from ever sliding again.

What you will need:
1 pencil
1 utility knife
Lace your boots all the way up. Using your pencil mark a spot on the tongue where the laces intersect. This is the place you will make your cuts.
Using a sharp utility knife make two diagonal cuts about 1/4 inch long and about 1/4 inch apart on either side of your pencil mark. Make the cuts running up the tongue.

[Top of the boot]

         |      |

[Bottom of boot]


Now lace back up your boots but this time thred the laces throught the cuts you just made. You are now tongue tied and will never have the problem of having your tongue slip around the side.


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