Measuring up for the perfect fit.

BY BLLUE 08.20.15

size chart

We all know Gothic clothing manufacturers vary in sizes and sometimes quite dramatically. It's never fun to have to return a garment because it did not fit. We would like to help.

On our product pages we have a tab with sizing information that will give you the information you need to make sure you get a proper fit. 

With just a few simple measurements it will insure you get the best fit possible. One of the best ways we have found to get accurate measurements is to take a shirt that already fits you well, lay it flat and measure it. Here are the key measurements you will want to make.

1. Shoulder: This measurement is taken from the seam of the shoulder straight across the back to the next shoulder.

2. Chest: For the chest measurement measure from the seam of one armpit straight across to the next. Next take that number and double it as we want to get the circumference of your chest. So lets say your measurement was 21 centimeters (cm) your chest measurement would be 42 cm.

3. Waist: Your waist measurement is taken just about where your belly button would be. Measure from side to side and double the number just as you did with the chest measurement.

4. Hem: The Hem is the very bottom of the shirt. Usually just below where your pants sit. Measure this just as you did with your chest and waist.

5. Arm: The arm length is measured from where the top of the shoulder seam meets the arm down to the end of the cuff.

6. Cuff: While not as important the cuff measurement is the circumference of the arm cuff.

7. Length: This measurement is taken from the back of the neck where the collar meets the back all the way down to the end of the shirt.

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