How do I send a Money Order?

BY DAVID 04.23.19

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Q. How do I send a Money Order?
We fully understand in this day and age people are sometimes a little apprehensive to use their credit card online or, maybe you do not have a credit card. We say no problem at all. That is why we offer the ability to pay with a money order. If you would like to use a money order you will have to go through our desktop site as our mobile site will not display the option.

Once you have submitted your order online you will receive an email with all the information you will need to send us the money order.

We recommend using your local post office to get a money order. This way it is a one stop shop. You can get the money order and mail it all in one go. Other great options are your bank, your local convenience store, Western Union, etc.

When filling out your money order make sure you:
Use a blue or black ink. (Do not use pencil)
Make sure the money order is made out to Rivithead.
Make sure you include your name and order number on the money order.
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