I got an email saying my billing address was incorrect.

BY DAVID 04.23.19
If you received an email from us asking for an updated billing address please reply directly to that email. The address we have on file for you did not match what your issuing bank has on file. When emailing us DO NOT send sensitive card info such as card number, expiration date or security code. We will never ask for that information through email. Also please do not send us a picture of your credit card statement.

What we need is the address that appears on your billing statement. Once we get the updated address from you we will re-authorize the charge and ship your order.

If you are using a gift card almost all modern gift cards allow you to register your shipping address. Just follow the instructions that came with the gift card and let us know that the address has been updated. We will then re-authorize the charge and ship your order.

In some extreme cases we have alternative methods of verifying the payment but, we only resort to it after all other possibility's have been exhausted.
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