86X - Darker side of the 80s dance club in Sacramento CA.

BY BLUE 12.30.15

On Saturday January 2nd 2016 we will be opening the new year by vending a new and upcoming club in Sacramento. From the people who brought you House of Usher and Roderick's Chamber comes 86X. 86X will focus on the darker side of the 80's alternative pop music scene and will incorporate bands from the past and present. Visit the club website on Facebook at 86X night club for more information.
We will be vending a small sample from our Gothic accessories, makeup and jewelry catalog opening night. So come by say hi, have a drink and dance the night away.
We look forward to working with 86X in the new year.

Update: 86X was a fantastic night! If you missed out don't worry. 86X will be back next month and we will be vending again.
86X Dance club

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