How to set the time on an Alchemy watch

BY DAVID 06.08.16

The tools you will need to set the time on your new Alchemy watch is a ridged peice of plastic such as a credit card or, as in the video, a Rivithead gift card.

The first step is to remove the watch face from the watch base. Use the credit card to gentaly pry the face from the base moving the card around the base.

Once the watch face has been removed, remove the tape and locking pin off of the set dial. Gently pull the set dail away from the watch unitll you can spin the set dial and have have the watch hands move.

Set the correct time on the watch and push the set dial back into the face. The watch should now be ticking and set to the correct time.

To put the face back into the base locate the cut-out on the inside of the base. Line up the set dial with the cutout and snap the face back into the watch base. Easy and the only tool needed is probably in your pocket.

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