ROCKY-20 Tall Black Leather Boots
Price: $124.95
Reviewer: Mario Torres Jr
Rating: review stars [4 of 5 Stars!]
Review Date: Friday 11 August, 2006
The boots look amazing from just the picture. Simple and militant.

The box that the boots came in seemed to have been delivered by Ace Ventura (that scene from the first movie where he's kicking and throwing a box around) because of the terrible shape it was in. This is the second time I've bought Demonia boots and both of them were in seriously beat up packages. The boots were fine, but Rivithead should try to take better care of their products once they ship. The boots were in excellent condition, but the screws look like if they were placed in a rush.

It's hard to give these things a poor rating because they still look and feel great. I'd give them a 3.6/5

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