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A bodice is an article of clothing covering the body from the waist to the neck. It can also refer to the upper part of a dress. The word originated from the plural of body, an alteration of bodies. Originally bodices were constructed in two parts or bodies hence the name bodice.

Todays bodice usually refers to a upper garment that has removable sleeves or no sleeves that is worn to distinguish it from the skirt and sleeves. They come in a wide gamut of shapes and styles along with a multitude of fasteners.

Bodices frequently have boning, a stiff bent material that runs vertically along the body to achieve a fashionable shape. Bodices are typically looser fitting compared to its closest cousin the corset.
High heel platform shoes
We have the best selling platform high heel shoes around. From sexy platform heels to gothic platform heels we have it all.

Creepers shoes and boots
Rivithead's full line of Creepers shoes and boots by Demonia and TUK.

Gothic industrial hardware and bondage belts
These are not your cheap mall bought belts. All of our Gothic Industrial hardware and bondage belts are made tough and will last many years.

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Ramanda Top
 Ramanda Top
  Bodice top with back corset and snap closure. Shoulder straps with ribbon accent. Faux leather stripes and rivet design. 100% cotton. Imported from Germany...
Our Price: $59.89 
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D Ring Buckle Dress
 D Ring Buckle Dress
 Black stretch canvas dress with front zipper. D ring applique. Buckle bodice and faux zipper design. Two front pockets. 100% cotton...
Our Price: $57.13 
Buy 1 'D Ring Buckle Dress' now 

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