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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker view 1
Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker

Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker

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Customer Reviews
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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker
  Reviewer: Michelle
I bought this choker last year and I've loved it ever day since. It was a little heavier and stiffer than I'm used to but it grows on you after a while. NO ALLERGIC REACTION to the metal touching my skin, which is always a big problem with buying metal jewelry. The choker jingles a little bit when you walk but it's not mega obnoxious or anything. I think this is a goth must and it's absolutely worth the price.
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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker
  Reviewer: Glenna Halferty
Love the choker...little stiff like all leathers....looks great...

goth Approved A+
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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker
  Reviewer: Corey Galvan
I definitely think that all of you Goths out there looking to improve your look should buy this choker right here. The first day or so it was stiff and scratched at my neck and left red marks, but after not even a WEEK of owning this excellent choker the only way I know its there is by the jingling of the rings and chains. I love this choker and not a day has gone by I haven't worn it. If you can get through the first day, its comfortable as hell. You'll love this great product!
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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker
  Reviewer: Brian Rankin
Great collar, at first [like all leather products] it was a bit stiff, But now its so comfortable I barely notice its there. Great product you'll definetly be glad you bought it, Plus you get some great looks getting dragged around like an animal from your chica ;)

Great Buy, very please A+
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Chain Ring 13CCHLR Choker
  Reviewer: Josh Ruter
Good choken when you go out with friends, not a good idea to hang a chain around with it because when I do I get dragged around like a dog, mostly where this walking around in the mall acting like a dog and have my chick pulling actually pretty funny, old people love me. Lol they're afraid of me I think.

Bloodied kisses,
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